Day to Day...


  • Attend orientation and training sessions

  • Teach adult ESL, Citizenship, or Basic Computer Classes or children's classes--for immigrants

  • Help with special events

  • Spend one-on-one time with befriended Muslims, Buddhists, or Hindus in cafes, parks, homes, etc.

  • Attend weekly supervisory meeting

  • Participate in a weekly Intern small group

  • Publicize ministries and cultivate contacts with local immigrant businesses and neighbors

  • Assist and guide mission teams when they come for week-long visits

  • Help with weekly small group Bible discussions with Muslims, Buddhists, or Hindus

  • Other duties as needed!


Please note: Some of the responsibilities and assignments will be related to your special abilities, interests, or school requirements


UNO offers the following to all interns:
Housing- The INTERN will share a very simple, dorm-style bedroom in one of our UNO apartments in the immigrant neighborhoods of Queens or Brooklyn.
Structured Ministry- The INTERN will be assigned a weekly schedule with responsibilities and goals that are explained beforehand and assessed on a weekly basis.
Training- Urban Nations Outreach INTERNS participate in a week long orientation upon their arrival, however most of the training will be "as you go" training. While in New York, INTERNS may have opportunities to attend several training events such as ESL teacher training, OR apologetics training. 
Supervision- Each INTERN is supervised and nurtured by the Urban Nations Outreach staff with weekly supervisory meetings and will also participate in a INTERN small group.
Group Outings - While in New York City, we want our INTERNS to experience some of the amazing things that make this city so great!  We will provide outings to things such as, Broadway Play, Yankees Game, Museums, etc., with the hope that they will  have fun together exploring the city.