Important Summer Intern Information 



The Summer Intern Program is an 8-week program from June to August  with an internship extension option until mid-August.

Here are a few important dates:
April 15- Deadline for applications
April 16 - Applicants will be notified 
May 15 - Last day to turn in flight or travel arrangement information
June 1 - Arrive in New York (or up to 2 days before)
June 3 - Training Week Begins

August 3 - Depart New York
August 17 - Last Day of optional summer missions extension 


Please make sure you fit all of our requirements before you send us your application.

You must:

  • Be 18 or older (we do grant exceptions=--rarely!)

  • Be recommended by your pastor, campus minister, or church

  • Be a committed and mature Christian

  • Have flexibility and leadership abilities

  • Be willing to complete your full committed term in New York

  • Be committed to raising your support before arriving

  • Be able to flourish in a fast paced, complex, urban setting

  • Be covered by your parents' or an independent insurance policy

  • Have at least one year of college or living on your own after high school (exceptions granted)

  • Have some service or ministry leadership experience in teaching or leading others

  • Have exceptional people and leadership skills, desire to be a servant learner, flexible, and energetic

  • Have a passion for missions or immigrant ministry--we are especially looking for mature believers who have a burden to reach a immigrants, or a specific "focus group" .  At lease be willing to develop such a burden.



How will your summer in New York City be financed?

An Urban Nations Summer Intern position is not a "summer job."  It is a commitment and donation of your time to ministry. Students who are called, and who are able to commit to this ministry are required to raise their financial support for their summer in New York.

UNO assists you in raising your support by providing tools and by playing a key advisory role. Though the thought of fundraising may make some students uncomfortable, we have found that, by asking others to contribute, the student is very inspired by the overwhelming love, concern and generosity that is displayed by sponsors. Raising support for missions is much easier than one would think.  At Urban Nations, we have NEVER had a potential Intern who was unable to raise his/her full support. There are churches, friends and fellow students all around the country that are very concerned and eager to help out with efforts aimed at immigrants and  "unreached people groups."  There are also many who are very concerned and burdened for inner-city ministries like UNO that minister to the poor.  We can help you present the ministry opportunity to your home church, friends, family and other contacts in a way that will encourage them to consider contributing to your ministry efforts.To help you raise support, we provide support with letter examples and help in organizing other materials or information you may need.

Each INTERN is required to raise a minimum $1,130 a month support ($2,260 for the 8 week term). The $2,260 includes your housing & utilities, subway pass, personal food & spending allowance, and large group fellowship outings.   The $2,260 does not include your plane tickets or transportation costs to and from NYC.  If cost is a big hangup, please let us know & we can help!