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About UNO

URBAN NATIONS OUTREACH is a community development ministry that focuses on reaching  New York City's  immigrants, refugees, unreached people groups, and underserved communities.


Urban Nations has ongoing programs and ministries  in Queens and The Bronx. We work with local community centers, churches, schools, and other community-based organizations to offer free after-school and summer kids programs, free ESL and other classes, and various referral services.  Most of our programs are geared to reaching the following New York immigrant groups:  West Africans (from several countries and tribes) and Asians (from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, China, Nepal & Tibet).


We have three distinct immigrant ministry outposts in New York City:  


        THE LEFRAK COMMUNITY CENTER in LeFrak City, Queens


        THE ROCKAWAY MINISTRY in Rockaway Queens

URBAN NATIONS OUTREACH is a registered 501c3, non-profit ministry guided by a  local Board of Directors.  The board members are mainly New York pastors, professionals, and volunteers who have a strong burden for ministering to the immigrants and residents of New York City.


VOLUNTEERS, CHURCHES & ORGANIZATIONS (local and from across the country) help URBAN NATIONS minister to NYC immigrants by contributing financially and by sending volunteers to help teach ESL and do other service among the immigrants and neighborhoods of New York.


YOUTH & ADULT MISSION TEAMS come to New York throughout the year to help with ESL, children's ministry and construction/repair projects.  The teams come from all over the U.S., as well as Canada and Europe.

URBAN NATIONS INTERNS serve short and long terms (anywhere from 1 week to 2 years).   INTERNS help with all of our daily outreach programs at our ministry centers.  In addition to the regular programs, each INTERN is matched up with specific immigrants who are open for one-on-one help.  Some UNO INTERNS serve in more specific roles such as sports/music/computer class instructor, music performance or worship leader, building maintenance/construction, children's worker, translator, planter, etc.  Most  INTERNS also help guide local volunteers and visiting mission teams to serve in the city throughout the year.

Larry Holcomb is the founder and director of Urban Nations Outreach. He has been involved with urban outreach and community development for more than 30 years.   He has served in urban neighborhoods of  Alabama, New Jersey, California and New York as an office manager, youth leader, community organizer, school teacher, pastor, church planter, and as a denominational leader. Larry has served the New York community in various ways for the past 25 years.... serving on local Queens community and school boards, volunteering in local little leagues, helping with local youth programs, and establishing the South Asian Community Center in Jackson Heights and the West African Center in Brooklyn.

He has also helped many local NYC churches to reach out to their neighborhood by establishing their own local outreach to immigrants.   Larry and his wife Linda live in the Queens section of New York City. He is a frequent guest speaker at conferences , colleges, and churches across the country.

Please contact us for more information about Urban Nations Outreach.

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