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Mission Trips

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(We are almost at capacity for Summer 2023 and now have only two available weeks).

Urban Nations hosts all kinds of mission trips throughout the year.    Though Summer Youth Groups are our most common participants, we do host Adult and College teams during other times of the year.  

Teams work alongside UNO Staff and local churches doing strategic ministry among NYC immigrant groups.  Mission Teams are also given the opportunity to participate in guided tours of local Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs worship facilities.

Most of our teams stay at our UNO BEACH HOUSE.

Here are examples of what mission teams do:

  • Helping with Immigrant English Classes

  • Helping with Immigrant Children's Programs and VBS

  • Helping with Church Planting in NYC

  • Helping with Neighborhood Cleanup or Service Projects

  • Helping with Sports or Music Outreach in the Park

  • Helping with Summer Beach Reach/Volleyball/Kayak/Boardwalk Biking outreach ministries

  • Helping with Street Evangelims or Jesus Film presentations

  • Helping with Special Christmas, Thanksgiving or Fall Festival Outreaches

  • Helping with Construction or Building Repair projects

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