The UNO Beach House is a historic 100+ year old building that was originally built in Romanesque style as a turn-of-the-century train depot.  The solid stone masonry construction is in good structural shape, but most of the 4400 sq. ft. of the interior needs a lot of work.  We are planning to make alterations and improvements that will make the house a perfect environment for our future mission teams, sleeping up to 30 people.  Here are some of the projects that we are looking for people to come help with:

  • ·      painting, & sheet rock work for many rooms

  • ·        tar roofing

  • ·        leveling of floors on 2nd floor

  • ·        shingle roofing

  • ·        installing tile and hardwood floors

  • ·        surfacing 3 flights of stairway with vinyl

  • ·        installing 3 outdoor sets of french doors

  • ·        gutting and putting in a total kitchen

  • ·        gutting and reconstructing 2 front balconies

  • ·        replacement of outdoor balcony railings and columns

  • ·        constructing a ground level deck

  • ·        landscaping

  • ·        installing a vinyl fence

Beach House Construction

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